Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Through A Phrase

Sometime, we become "Temporarily Out Of Balance".

We go through phases as we endure the process of becoming.

In doing so, we can become out of balance temporarily, but we need know that it can be only a phase and therefore will pass.

We can correct our ways, amend our lives, change and grow.

Life is a learning process. It can challenge, it can test, and it can try.

As with any worthwhile learning experience, it will take us out of our comfort zones, which will typically take us off of our balance and into a period of uncertainty.

This is where faith comes in as a factor.

We are always in the process of learning something new; developing an underused ability or talent, or perhaps toning down an overused or abused one.

Some of us are involved in learning how to speak up for ourselves, while others are learning how to listen to others.

In the process of becoming, we are always developing and fine tuning one or the other of our many qualities, and it is a natural part of this process that things tend to become out of balance.

This may upset to us, or the people around us, but we can trust that it is a normal part of the work of self-development.

For example, we may go through a phase of needing to learn how to say "no".

This would be a part of learning to set boundaries and take care of ourselves.

During such a time, we might say "no" to just about everything, as a way of practicing and exploring this ability.

This can be quite disconcerting and a cause of concern to others who know us as we were.

However, there is an inner child within each of us, so we seek to learn and, at times, become of obstinate character.

Like a child who seeks to learn a new word, we want to venture to new avenues of expression, depression, and empowerment as much as we can because it is new and exciting for us, it subduesus, comforts us, and enables us, and we want to explore life fully.

In this way, we seek to master new skills and create new life within us.

Eventually, as we integrate it into our overall identity, it will resume its position as one part of our balanced life which we never leave.

It is in this process that we often overcompensate for a quality that was suppressed in our life, and the swinging of the pendulum from under use to overuse serves to return that quality back into balance.

We don't always understand what's happening in our lives.

However, there is one useful tool that can help us to be patient with the process.

While visiting Mexico City, we went to the Cathedral Metropalitan in Zócalo, which is in the center of Mexico City and a very important place.

Within the Cathedral is the "Pendulum of Foucault"which hangs in the center aisle to mark the movement of the Cathedral as the earth beneath it shifts.

The original Pendulum of Foucault was to prove the rotation of Earth.

So, some things shift and change, and some things are cyclical.

In the end, the pendulum settles comfortably in its own center, wherever that exists, restoring balance from within, but more importantly outward.

In order to achieve such balance, we must never have it, but always seek it, and always send it outward.

There is a feeling that comes from deep within when we we seek balance -- the same feeling which exists when we experience love.

It's our Spirit.

I believe that is the way.

There are times in our lives when we are at the far end of the swing of our pendulum.

There are times that we are at the opposite.

There are times that we are wildly swinging about the edges of the circle.

However, we can know that comfort exists in the fact that there is a point at which we can find our balance in the center once our motions stop and we allow ourselves to sit quietly in the fold of the universe.

There lies the center.

There lies the balance.

There lies peace and unity.

Wising you the desire to seek balance, and as always ...

with much love & light,


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