Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Circling Our Wagons

Surrounding Ourselves With Protective Light

Remember how the pioneers would circle their wagons in order to protect the families migrating toward the West?

Sometimes we need to circle the wagons of our lives, which would mean for us to ask for help and support for our own selves within that circle.

There are times when we may know of someone who is in great need and wants help, but we may feel at a loss about how best to help them.

There are also times that we are in great need and want help, but we also feel at a loss about how to ask ... or how to seek.

There are also times that we know we are also in great need and support, and we are at a loss as to how to ask for assistance and love.

These are the times that we sit in the wilderness, praying that there was a circle of wagons to secure us, protect us, and provide us with warmth and comfort.

It is at such times that we can ask others to assist us in helping others by surrounding them with support and protection, just like the pioneers once circled their wagons in the middle of unknown territory, or by surrounding us when we are in need of the same but too afraid to call out.

therefore, it is important for us to see and know the signals that arise when our beloveds are in need of such a circle, as wellas it is to know when to signal and accept that same circle.

We need to know that we can reach out to others for support, security, and care.

Whether this means turning to an already established community such as a Church or service organization, or gathering support from our own diverse sources, a group of people can be brought together to help either an individual or an entire community.

Help, in this circle, does not need to come in the form of money.

Cooking, cleaning, driving, fund raising, or offering emotional support through sitting quietly, crying together, or listening intently and patiently are all valuable and have the added benefit of the closeness of human contact and compassion.

In any case, we are sent angels in the form of willing friends and strangers to gather their individual lights to surround those in need with the warmth of compassion.

We each have within us, an angel.

Some of us may have difficulty accepting or even recognizing aid when it appears in unexpected guises from unlikely sources.

All we can do is to follow our own inner Spirit, give when we are moved to do so, and shine our light to the best of our ability.

As we join our energy with those in the circle, we become part of something that is larger and more powerful than the individuals within it.

When we act as part of a community of service like this, we are reminded that we are not only assisting an individual or more in that moment, but we are serving the greater good ... the Greater God.

We then know that we are creating a better world, and can rest assured that help will be there for us as well if or when we need it.

As we pull our our proverbial wagons into a spiritual circle and offer our own light to the collective glow to help someone through a time of darkness and into the relative safety of our caring nature, all of our lights become brighter.

We can live every day from this place of light, knowing the freedom from fear and worry that allows us to receive and share the protective and supportive light of life.

I hope to see you in the Circle.

With love & light,


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