Monday, July 19, 2010

Gazing Upon Goodness

The Importance of Seeing the Good in All

Sometimes, adversity and bad times happen to us.

On a recent trip, I had my wallet stolen.

I responed in anger, but only as an affect of the violation I felt.

The anger did nothing for me and only served to almost lose an important day and special time with good friends.

It is important to see that there is good in all we experience and there are blessings in every aspect of our reality.

The potential for grace exists in all beings, even those who offend or hurt us through deception.

Our perception shapes the lives we lead because the universe adjusts itself almost instantly to our expectations.

When we look for negativity, we are bound to come across it in abundance.

Conversely, we create positive energy when we endeavor to see the goodness around us.

As easy as it is to criticize the people and situations that frustrate or hurt us, we do ourselves a disservice in the process.

It is important to see the good in all as there are blessings hiding in every aspect of our outer-world reality, and the potential for grace exists in all human beings.

When our lives are flooded with challenges, grief, and pain, we may be tempted to believe that some individuals or incidents are simply bad.

However, if we look for the good in all, good reveals itself to us, easing our doubts and reminding us that the universe is a place of balance, and we rise above the situation, denying negativity to grab a hold of us.

There is a perceptible energetic shift that takes place when we choose to see the good in all.

The unnecessary tension that comes into being when we dwell on negativity then fades away and is replaced by sympathetic tolerance and understanding.

We can forgive those who have wronged us because we recognize in them traits we admire, and we may even discover that we can bring out the good in one another as forgiveness is offered.

This requires a spiritual strength which can seem daunting, yet enriches our own being.

Though loss still grieves us, we recognize the beginning of a new phase of existence that abounds with fresh opportunities.

Each new challenge becomes another chance to prove ourselves, and we learn to show great patience in the face of difficulty.

There are few pleasures greater than gazing outward and seeing beauty, wisdom, and harmony.

These are the attributes of the universe that help us to cope when we encounter their opposing forces.

Since we create our own reality, we make our world a better place each time we acknowledge the good in our circumstances and in the people we encounter.

As we draw attention to the positive aspects of the world around us, our understanding of the affirmative nature of all existence will grow.

There are few lessons we will learn in this life that will prove as instrumental to our happiness and satisfaction.

In appreciating the all pervasive goodness that exists in the universe, we internalize it, making it a lasting part of our life.

So, it is important and crucial that we let go of the negative happenings that occur to us and we focus on the positive side of each experience.

Perhaps we do have a third eye within us, and perhaps we can use that to seek a balance of peaceful tranquility when adversity and happenstance affects us in order for us to maintain a peaceful existence.

Perhaps that third eye exists in order for us to look within ourselves.

Wishing you peaceful insight and balance,


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