Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Wisdom of Surrender
Very often, resistance equals persistence.Resistance tends to strengthen the energies it attempts to oppose us by giving them power and energy to work against us.

We all know the feeling of being repeatedly haunted by the same issue, no matter how we try to ignore it, avoid it, or run away from it.
This might come as a need to tend to loved ones, pick ourselves up in order to move past experiences which harmed us, or a call to arms -- be that for country or for our faith.
Sometimes it seems that we can become rid of something we don’t want by simply pushing it away, in the manner of which we sweep away the dust and dirt from our sidewalks, lest the filth and debris enter our homes or shops. We build thresh-holds in order to keep away the silt.
However, most of the time, the more we push away the silt the more it returns with the motion our our broom.

There are laws of physics and metaphysics which explain this perceived phenomenon.

This can be summed up as "That which you resist persists".

This "law" exists in physical motion, emotional reaction, and spirituality.
Through human nature we tend to resist our strengths, and it is only through resistance that we can physically build and grow the very muscles of our bodies.

Resistance training is how we grow from that proverbial ninety pound "weakling" to the muscle bound hero.

Resistance strengthens our physical muscles and bodies in the same manner of which it strengthens our metaphysical energy and spirit.

On the obverse, resistance keeps us from learning more about what we resist.

In order to fully embrace and comprehend and ideology, theology or perception, it is absolute that we must open ourselves to the energy which we explore.
If we fail to do so, we fail and we become ignorant of the lessons which the universe yearns to yield to us.

In our Wine Room, each corner and angle is protected by a statue of a monk.

I was taught that this must be done as I researched the construction of this little room.

Some statues are rather tall and built of stone.

Some are tiny and rather whimsical.

The point is that, in this tiny space which was built for private meditation, there are many.

There is a Tibetan story of a monk who retreats to meditate in a cave only to be plagued by demons.

He attempts to evade them by all means ... chasing, running, fighting, hiding -- anything to be rid of the demons.

You can imagine the horror he endured.

Exhausted by the battle, he lays down all that he held to battle the demons and surrenders himself.

The demons disappeared.

Do you see?

There was no hand-forged sword on earth that could defeat the demons. The only manner in which to be rid of them was to surrender.

However, this monk did not surrender to the torment of the demons. He surrendered to his faith.

Now, this is a story, and the wisdom earned here must be applied with practicality.

It is not the intention of our life's universe to place ourselves in the pathways of harm or foolish intent.

Bur rather, this story speaks of how, in essence, our demons are inside of us.

What plagues and pursues us, what prevents and prevails us, exists on an inner level and has the ability to manifest itself in many different ways in our emotional environment.

This manifestation takes place in the way that we treat the people in our lives, the way we treat ourselves, and the way that we respond to exterior situations. These may be community,
local, political, national, global ... the plague can become consuming.
However, it is nowhere near all "doom and gloom". Once we become aware that this perception of manifestation is merely a perception and that it exists only within the limitations of our minds and not our souls, we can then embrace the reality  that these expression which haunted us were merely reflections of the fears that lived within ourselves.

Once we surrender to our faith, to our belief, we become strong.

With faith comes strength. With strength comes bravery. With bravery comes strength in faith, and therein lies courage.

And with that, the more demons that plague us disappear in their weakness, and the more courageous we become.

With love, light, and an uplifted sword in my heart,


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