Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Throw Away Your Scale !

I weigh myself every morning. The weight doesn't change.

Some days I'm happy that I haven't gained. Other days I'm upset that I haven't lost.
Either way, it is not an accurate barometer of our general health and it serves as a tool toward obsession.
No matter what our weight, we can use the cues from our physical and mental selves to judge how healthy we are.

I've always said that "age is a man-made concept and we are only as old as we believe."
In the same manner, health is not a numerical concept and cannot be defined using statistics. 
Human beings, however, tend to want to quantify well-being into easily understandable figures. 
We feel compelled to ascribe numbers to every aspect of wellness, from the qualities of our food to our fitness levels to the physical space we occupy. 
As a consequence of social pressures, we turn our attention away from health and focus instead on the most contentious of these figures ... weight.
We check our scales daily to see how we measure up to our peers and role models. Yet each of us is equipped to gauge our relative healthfulness without any equipment whatsoever. 
When we have achieved a state of wellness, we feel buoyant and energetic. 
Some of us are naturally slim, while others will always be curvy. No matter what our weight, we can use the cues we receive from our physical and mental selves to judge how healthy we really are. 
When we throw away our scales, we commit to a lifestyle that honors the innate wisdom that comes from within our bodies and within our minds. 
It is logical to examine how we feel while considering our health. A strong, fit, and well-nourished individual will seldom feel heavy, bloated, or fatigued. 
If we have concerns regarding our weight, we need to remind ourselves that at its proper weight, our body will feel buoyant and agile. 
Movement becomes a source of joy. Sitting, standing, walking, and bending are all easy to do because our joints and organs are functioning as they were meant to. 
When we are physically healthy, our minds will also occupy a place of well-being.
Mental clarity and an ability to focus are two natural traits of whole-self health. 
Surprisingly, promoting this type of wellness within ourselves takes no special effort outside of satisfying our hunger with nourishing, wholesome foods and moving our bodies.

The numbers we see on the scale, while nominally informative, can prevent us from reaching our healthful eating goals by giving us a false indicator of health.
We will know when we have achieved true health because every fiber of our being will send us signals of wellness. 
When we choose to listen to these signals instead of relying on the scale, our definition of well-being will be uniquely adapted to the needs of our bodies and of our minds.

Live love & love life,


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