Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make & Take Time To Play

Taking A Snow Day.

After a very long Winter of record snowfalls, with more snow falling daily, and grey skies, Spring has finally come to Mount Pocono.

One week ago, we had reached the temperature of 74 F for one day.

Monday was the first full day of Spring.

We were greeted with 8 inches of snow and grey skies again.

Today, two days later, we have over 12 additional inches of snow and await the sleet and ice that nature will deliver over the evening.

At this time of year, we anticipate beautiful Spring mornings with bright skies and birds singing, wishing away the Winter.

When we awoke this morning, there was a beautiful, soft snowfall. The ground was covered once again in soft whiteness and the trees were blanketed with the same beautiful comfort of nature.

It was the perfect day to sleep in late with the curtains open, gazing upon this beautiful gift of snow that so many others have complained about.

For us, it was as though God gave us one last beautiful day of Winter.

We never know when our last day will be, or if we will see the season which is ebbing away again. So, we take each day, and each type of weather, as a gift of nature.

With so much to do all the time in our lives, it can be difficult to find time to simply breathe, think, and explore our landscapes, be they out of doors or within us.

However, it is possible to feed our souls and to briefly separate ourselves from life's frenetic pace by taking a "Snow Day".

Personal Snow Days are best taken when we feel as though we are running on empty with no chance of respite in sight or when we begin to resent the life we once loved because of illness, depression, or stress.

Our Snow Day can go a long way toward dispelling built up stress, provided we give ourselves full permission to indulge in nurturing activities.

It is not a day to worry about what we've missing, what is lingering on our to do list, or fret about the future which inevitably lies ahead of us. Rather, it is a day to accept the opportunity to give ourselves a break from our responsibilities in order that we may return to them in full alertness and awareness. Today's Snow Day, here in the Northeast, was a gift from God.

One last chance to appreciate the beauty of Winter and take a day for ourselves.

One last chance to be trapped inside with our loved ones and reinvest in ourselves.

Not everyone lives in a region where snow falls to the levels we enjoy here.

However, we can create a "Snow Day" whenever our inner spirit tells us we need one, and no matter where we live. I used to refer to these as "me days". Days that I would tend to myself and enjoy the company and fun times with those I love.

Now, through the beauty of God's nature, I prefer the term "Snow Day" as it reminds me of when I was a child and my Mom would leave a large note on the dresser reading "No School Today; Snow Day!" allowing us to sleep in and wake on our own time.

Once we schedule our snow day, we need to to commit to ignoring our chores, not tending to issues at our place of work, and doing only the activities we enjoy, while giving thanks for the opportunity God has granted us. Relax, take a nap in the afternoon, play with pets or children, meditate, pray, work in the garden, watch a film or read a novel.

Take a long walk in the fading afternoon sunshine and then cook a special dinner.

Our Snow Day should be as languid and as lazy as we need it to be.

If necessary, we can prepare for our Snow Day by having whatever we think we will want or need ahead of time.

Clean up or pay the bills the day before the planned Snow Day so that work is not at hand. Disconnect from the telephone and internet. If possible, turn off all electricity.

Once our Snow Day is over, we have a memory to hold on to and reflect upon when needed. We can harvest the joy and peacefulness we felt whenever we need it and keep it close to our hearts.

Understanding that we are a society that values overtime and hard work, we deserve a Snow Day every now and then.

So, the next time that we wake to discover that Nature dropped a foot or more of snow when we hoped for warm and sunny weather, take into consideration that God might have something else in mind for us.

And for those of us in warmer regions ... use your imagination.

Live every season, every day, every moment, as though it's the last.

Wishing you days of snow & love,


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