Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angels Surround Us

Working With Angels ...

Angels surround us, and there is a reason that we sometime confuse the spelling of "angels" with "angles".

Perhaps Angels do have angles in our lives.

I believe that Angels often need to use angles in order to straighten and guide our paths in life.

Angels are symbols of grace and gentle encouragement.

They offer us comfort as they enfold us or envelope us in their wings.

At some point in our lives, we are likely to find ourselves asking for help, perhaps from no one in particular, and without knowing where help could possibly come from. We may raise our eyes skyward or whisper our need beneath our breath in prayer, only to find that somehow we have been heard, and the help we need arrives.

The answer to our prayer might come in the form of a person who appears at the right time, or perhaps in the form of luck, chance, or divine intervention.

However assistance appears, these are times when we can be certain that there are angels watching over us.

We may find ourselves asking for their help with simple things like finding a parking spot or asking to watch over loved ones, but then we forget to call on them when we found ourselves alone or in pain.

And that's okay. We are called to look after others, and therefor for others to look after us in kind.

We don't need to be aware of the answer to our prayers for the assistance of others, but there is comfort in the knowledge that they are there for us when we need them.

And, when we remain open to their presence, we can call on them whenever we need to connect and be nurtured by their ethereal and heavenly energy.

As symbols of grace and gentle encouragement, we offer each other comfort as we warm ourselves in the wings of our Spirit as we take flight.

As we are warmed by the gentleness and comfort of our wings, our warming hugs, we are also guided by our mutual care in the form of gentle nudges or inspired by the whispers in our ears.

We may hear the voice of our angel and feel a personal connection, but it isn't necessary. All we need is to be heard, to benefit from their guidance and perhaps to hear a word of thanks sent from us to God every now and then.

Whether they appear in the guise of a helpful stranger, or as a thought that suddenly occurs to us, angels are our loving guides from the spiritual realm, who with a brush of their angelic wings help us to make the most of our human experience by balancing it with the spiritual awareness that all things are possible and that we are not alone.

Angels are around us each and every day and night, and they are those whom not only do we love, but they are those who love us.

Feel the warmth of Love & Light!



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