Monday, May 10, 2010

Magical Wishes

We often wish.

From blowing Dandelion seeds into the air, to tossing a coin into a fountain, we have all felt inspired to make a wish ... to whisper into the ears of the universe and release our desires to the powers that be and wait for signs that they have been heard.

Some wishes do come true, and others are left to the ethereal life where they remain as visions that either stay with us or fade as a star in the light of the morning.

No matter if our wishes come true or not, wishes are important missives, expressing our hearts desire as well as our intention to create something new in our lives.

When we wish for something, our consciousness opens us to be receptive, like a flower unfolding its petals to receeive a bee.

There is something innocent and magical about making a wish, something that recalls the energy of childhood.

Wishing is not about formulating a plan and following it step by step to obtain a goal, which is more aligned with adulthood, and it is not the same as prayer.

Rather, wishing is more similar to a playful volley.

Waiting and hoping for the response we wish for is an integral part of the process.

When we wish, we feel something lift in the center of our chest ... possibly where our actual spirit exists.

Wishing inspires an innocent opening to the possibility of "magic" to happen.

This opening is beauty in and of itself, regardless of the outcome.

When we wish, we place ourselves in a magical mindeset, and that mindset is as wonderful as the wish itself.

In the straightforward, action oriented society in whieh we live, we may tend to dismiss the power of this seemingly passive process,. However, the power of a wish is well known, hence the popular phrase (especially by me) "be careful what you wish for".

When we realize that we have given up the childhood beauty of wishing in favor of more adult pursuits, we might like to bring its magic back into our life.

So, the next time you see the first star in the evening sky, cast away the seedlings of a Dandelion, flip a coin into a fountain, or find yourself in front of a birthday cake complete with flaming candles, give yourself the gift of the magical wonder we knew so well as children.

Close your eyes, open your mind to fantasy, and make your wish.

Wishing you the magic of childhood dreams,


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