Sunday, October 25, 2009

Balancing Our Daily Life

The way in which we wake can have a profound impact on our day.

If we are still weary when we we hit the ground running, rushing to prepare ourself to face our worldly obligations, we are likely to feel fatigued and overwhelmed for most of our day. That will affect not only our lives, and the lives of those we encounter, but also our perception of the gift of life.

A leisurely and relaxing morning, on the other hand, can energize and excite us, as well as give us the courage to meet the challenges that await us. By beginning our day in a focused and balanced manner, we make the day our own. We set the tone of our expectations and choose the mood we will use to respond to our circumstances. A gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning will prepare us to create a gentle, conscious, and thoughtful day.

The simplest way to eliminate the rush from our morning routine is to rise earlier. Perhaps that is easier said than done, but it can be accomplished simply by going to bed earlier in the evening. The added benefit of that can be the opportunity to allow ourselves to fall to sleep, perhaps while listening to meditation music set to an off timer, by reading an enriching piece of literature, or reflecting in meditative prayer, rather than succumbing to exhaustion. This also allows our sleeping space to become a sanctuary of sorts, rather than a destination.

Encouraging our household families into routines that send them to be off to their days in the same way requires even more time. This may seem like a hardship at first, but the extra minutes afford us the opportunity to really enjoy watching the sun come up or to connect with our loved ones before we go in our separate directions.

There are many more ways we can constructively use the time we gain. A mere half of an hour of time in which we examine our priorities, give thanks for the richness in our lifes, pray for the needs of others, and contemplate the known and unknown blessings we will receive this day can lift our spirits and help us to formulate lasting and positive expectations.

We can also find a way to maintain this balance and inner peace throughout our day, as well as to project it and share our light with others. Perhaps as we begin our time of reflection and prayer in the morning, we can find an object to hold; a new object every day, and something simple that fits in our pocket. A leaf, stone, or blade of grass from our lawn. An item of clothing, photo, or a note given to us from a loved one, kept within our reach can be held during times of trial and stress during our day. Along with a deep, controlled breath, we can receive a brief moment in order to return our selves to our center where we know our balance.

If we want little more than just to enjoy our day, we simply need to simply devote a portion of our personal time to activities that both ground and delight us, such as meditation, reading, walking, or listening to music.

If there is little room for change in our start of the day routine, we can just try to make each activity we engage in upon waking a ritual in its own right.

The time we spend each day enjoying an invigorating cup of coffee, savoring a soothing cup of tea, or washing away tension in a hot shower can serve as a reminder of the need to care for ourselves no matter what the hour, as well as to take a reflective moment to give thanks for the life around us and within us, before and beyond.

Our morning is ours and should reflect not only our practical needs but also the needs of our soul. When we center ourselves at the start of our day, no matter if our day starts at 6:00 a.m, 4:00 p.m. or midnight, we do not only maintain our sense of balance throughout our day, we also to offer that same spiritual balance to others.

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